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Bank Club

Name: Bank Club

City: Warsaw

Location: ul. Mazowiecka 14, 00-048 Warszawa, Poland

Working Hours 22:00 - 06:00

Book a table: + 371 67199269

*Club is open *Club is closed

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Start your reservation by choosing date on the calendar when you are planning to visit the nightclub. When the date is set please choose your preferred table section in nightclub - for example in the main hall or balcony. Afterwards choose your table. Tables that are available will be marked in green. Tables marked in red are already reserved. After you choose your table please add your preferred drink package to your table ( drink packages are required to make the reservation and define the price for your chosen table). When the table and drink package have been chosen please fill in required contact information and send us your reservation. Our VIP service manager will get back to you with the confirmation e-mail for your booking ASAP.



Bank club is an exclusive music club in Warsaw with the exquisite design and fancy people crowds. The extravagant interior, verging on Gothic with gold stucco ceilings, illuminated glass columns and long, porticoed colonnades leading to sofa-clad private seating areas, is designed to impress on every level and can satisfy any demands regarding the interior. Three large island bars exist within the main forum, which plays a mix of ambient trance and house, with the occasional nod to R'n'B. If there is a need for fancy and glamorous nightclub in Warsaw than Bank club is the place to be.

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