Terms and Conditions


Agreement stands between you and “More Than Clubs”. To confirm your selected service we must receive final confirmation which verifies that all the information and details given by you in your reservation form is valid and correct. In case of any mistake please contact “More Than Clubs” immediately and inform about the content errors. Once “More Than Clubs” will receive your confirmation about the service details we will assume that you have checked all the details and confirmed them as correct. In case if any mistake will appear during the service “More Than Clubs” will not take any responsibility basing on your final confirmation about the chosen service where incorrect details was confirmed by you. In cases like this “More Than Clubs” also keeps the rights to do not refund the money paid for service or give any cancellation fees.

Payment Methods

To secure you reservation of your selected service “More Than Clubs” requires deposit payment. The exact amount of deposit payment must be discussed privately with your service manager during the reservation process. Deposit payment must be paid at least 48 hours before the service due date. You will receive payment details right away we will receive your final confirmation regarding to your selected service. “More Than Clubs” will not refund the deposit payment in case you will decide cancel your reservation and will not warn us about changes 24 hours before the service due date. This rule also applies when pre-payment in full amount has been made.

Additional Services

“More Than Clubs” also provides free transportation to your selected nightclub to make sure you will arrive to the exact location and everything will go smoothly. You also will be provided with “More Than Clubs” service manager who will provide you into the club and will make sure that you receive your service completely.

Client responsibilities

“More Than Clubs” is all about the great spent of time and best party experience during your holidays. To avoid any misunderstandings and unpleasant situations please follow the rules of conduct during your visit in nightclub. In case some of the nightclub rules will be violated “More Than Clubs” will not take any responsibility of your actions and won’t be involved to fix your violation.

  1. Do not bring your own alcohol in the nightclub. If you will be caught by violating this rule you will be charged for bottle you brought into the club basing on the exact nightclub menu prices.
  2. Do not bring and use any kind of drugs into the nightclubs. If you will be caught using drugs - you will be transferred to the state police.
  3. Dress smart casual to gain the entrance into the nightclubs. Persons in trainers and sport shoes are not allowed to enter the nightclubs.
  4. Do not cause any damage to the property of nightclubs. In case of any damage caused by you, you will be charged with bill to cover the loss.
  5. Pay your bill! In case you will add some extra drinks to your basic package during the night, in the end of the night you will be provided with extra bill for the additional drinks. Pay the bill and do not try to escape the club. You will be caught anyway - video surveillance in nightclubs records your every move and you will be stopped at the exit by security. If you will refuse to pay your bill, the state police will be involved.
  6. Control your party mood. Persons who are to drunk to control themselves to behave decently and will interfere other people party will be asked to leave the nightclub premises.
  7. Do not fight. If you will be involved in fight during your visit to nightclubs you will be escorted out of the club premises immediately. There will be no questions asked who was guilty in this fight.
  8. Smoke only in areas where it is allowed. About smoking areas ask to your waitress or any other nightclub staff.


If you will face any negative or unacceptable attitude from “More Than Clubs” personnel during your service please contact “More Than Clubs” customer service centre and tell us about your complaint. All complaints will be revised and solved to avoid incidents in future. “More Than Clubs” do not take any responsibility about behaviour of nightclub staff.