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Dream Club

Name: Dream Club

City: Gdansk

Location: Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53, 81-759, Sopot

Working Hours Friday & Saturday: 22:00 - 04:00

Book a table: + 371 67199269

*Club is open *Club is closed

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Start your reservation by choosing date on the calendar when you are planning to visit the nightclub. When the date is set please choose your preferred table section in nightclub - for example in the main hall or balcony. Afterwards choose your table. Tables that are available will be marked in green. Tables marked in red are already reserved. After you choose your table please add your preferred drink package to your table ( drink packages are required to make the reservation and define the price for your chosen table). When the table and drink package have been chosen please fill in required contact information and send us your reservation. Our VIP service manager will get back to you with the confirmation e-mail for your booking ASAP.



The Dream club is definitely the number one choice between the locals. Located in Sopot main city square surrounded by a lot of restaurants and pubs. The interior of the club is created in modern style with the glamorous interior elements. As one of them - the great and shinny 11 chandeliers made of 12000 crystals situated in all club halls. And that is just the beginning of the shinny elements. Dream club consists of one wide main hall with spacious dance floor, the separated VIP section for people who prefers selection of private areas in nightclubs. Also the 4 bars are provided for the customer convenience to get the drinks of their choice. To make every weekend "fresh and tasty" for the visitors Dream Club organises the guest DJ appearances at the nightclub. The club has hosted stars such as Tiesto, Dr. Alban as well as all major afterparty organized festival in Sopot. If there is a place in Sopot which should be visited during the trip - the Dream club is one of the places. Stop by and have some awesome party experience in Sopot with Dreams nightclub.

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  • 26-08-17

    Maxx & Matthew Clarck, John James

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    Dream World - Under Water